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    FANA is currently accepting families who hope to adopt healthy infants. The waiting period from application to adoption varies depending on many factors, including the number of available infants and the required state and federal paperwork processes adoptive families complete.

    Please contact Crossroads Adoption Services or email us for more information on the adoption proceess.

    Kids Need You!

    Families for older, special needs, or sibling groups are being actively sought all the time. Please visit our CaringBridge site for more information about waiting children. 

    Adopting through FANA:
    The Adoption Process

    To adopt through FANA, prospective parents work with accredited state agencies that guide families through the complete adoption process, beginning with the decision to proceed with an international adoption through the trip to Colombia and back home. Members of Friends of FANA, Minnesota, share their experiences with adoptive families on an informal basis.

    Adopting through FANAFANA, under direction of the Colombian government, follows established general requirements for adoption. FANA requires couples to be in a stable marriage with one or no children, have infertility issues and possess no criminal record. Adoption of a healthy infant is available only to couples who are both under 38 years of age. Couples who meet these criteria and are interested in more information about completing an adoption through FANA should contact Crossroads Adoption Agency, www.crossroadsadoption.com,
    with offices in Edina, MN, and Hudson, WI.

    A homestudy is required to be completed by an adoption agency which is recognized/certified by the Colombian government and accepted by FANA. The adoption agency that meets these criteria and serves Minnesota and western Wisconsin is Crossroads Adoption Services. Once a favorable homestudy has been completed, it is sent along with an application and dossier to FANA, for review/acceptance into their adoption program.

    After the couple has received word of their new baby, they will travel to Bogota, Colombia. The Colombian legal procedures will begin after the adoptive parents have met and received their child. Both parents are required to travel to Colombia to initiate the adoption (approximately a ten-day stay). One spouse may then return home. The other parent will stay in Colombia until the adoption is finalized, approximately 5-6 additional weeks, depending on the court. Families will be assigned a “driver” who is familiar with the legal process and will transport them to any required legal appointments.

    While in Colombia, families are encouraged to stay in a residence specifically set up for adoptive families. Several adoptive families, typically from the U.S. and Europe, stay together. Each family has a private room and shares common dining and living areas.

    The total cost to complete an adoption through FANA is approximately $27,000. Actual costs will vary depending upon homestudy agency fees, length of in-country stay, etc.