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Support for Women and Children in Colombia: How You Can Help

Friends of FANA, MN, helps to provide critically needed resources for the children of FANA, the Foundation for the Assistance of Abandoned Children in Bogotá, Colombia. FANA cares for many children who will never be adopted, including children who need protection and children with special needs.

FANA has also established educational programs to strengthen and empower families in the community. FANA established El Hogar Marguerite d’Youville to care for pregnant women who have nowhere to turn. El Hogar provides shelter, pre-natal care, vocational training, and emotional support for women who, like us, want their children to have the best life possible.

FANA needs your help, desperately. Love has no price, but food, shelter, medical care, and education do. More and more children are coming to FANA for protection and care, and the financial strain is growing. Please help us help FANA care for children who have nowhere else to go. Donate to Friends of FANA, MN, now!

We know that many worthwhile organizations are competing for your charitable contributions. Friends of FANA, Minnesota, takes great pride in being an all-volunteer, financially prudent, 501(c)(3) organization. Without expensive salaries or overhead, we can ensure that every dollar raised by donations goes entirely to our mission.